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Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

Tired of sweating through every summer? Learn how you can save money with a more energy efficient A/C unit.

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The first step in getting a new air conditioner installed is determining what size you need. You don't want one without sufficient power to cool your home, and getting an air conditioner that's too big can be more expensive and less comfortable.

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Every time that the summer comes around, we all wish that we had better air conditioning throughout our homes. When you feel like you are wearing the air you breathe, the summer becomes much less of an enjoyable time. You might find it hard to believe, but with the wrong AC you can find yourself looking forward to the winter more than you do the summer!

However, this doesn’t need to go on. At Ken Massa Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, we provide artisan finishes for all AC needs in the Eastern Suffolk County (The Hamptons) area. We have helped hundreds of properties maintain and upgrade their AC unit to the highest possible levels of efficiency and power.

There’s nothing quite as useful as having that cool breeze blasting through your home when you need it – so why not make sure that everyone in your property remains cool and comfortable during the summer?

Ken Massa Plumbing & Heating can easily help you source high-end AC units and parts so whether it’s a full install or a repair/upgrade that you need, we can help. We work to make sure that every single job is to the very highest levels of perfection, and to make sure that we only provide our clients with the best system for them financially and logistically. We don’t force the “brand” on you, as we only want you to get the same quality of service that we would want ourselves.

Ken Massa brings a wealth of experience to the table as our lead fitter, and has helped many clients get the right type of AC fitting for their requirements and budget. Getting an AC unit fitted can be a difficult job, but Ken’s strategic know-how of the system lets us provide an efficient and proven service. This is a job that needs the right tools and methods to get it done, and we bring them with us.

If you want to work with an authentic team of AC fitters who don’t do the running work for an AC sales firm and only provide you with a bespoke plan fit for your own property, then contact us today. We can install, repair, modify or remove your AC service in any way that you possibly require – we can be there as soon as you need us, and will bring everything that could possibly be required to the site.

We don’t play fast and loose with the time and we make sure that only our most accredited staff members in terms of qualifications take on the right parts of the job. At Ken Massa Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, we recognise the size of the task in front of us – we never underestimate a task or put the wrong member of the team onto it, everything is analysed and prepared long before any action is taken.

If you want to work with an analytic, intelligent and professional AC firm that can make sure your home has comfort and peace in it during the summer months rather than feeling like a sauna, then why not contact us today for more information? With more than 30 years’ experience fitting AC systems we can leave you with a spotless finish that will work perfectly for the years to come.